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9.00 – 13.00 und 14.00 – 18.00 Uhr
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The buses 1, 2, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 22 stop right in front of my door (bus stop Aegidiimarkt / LWL Museum). All the buses operate directly from the central railway station and go straight back there.

If you travel by car, you can use a spacious parking lot with 10 parking levels directly below my shop in the same building complex. You will definitely find a parking space there.

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1. My Concept of Hearing

We offer you:

  1. The latest hearing aids from all well-known manufacturers and in all price ranges
  2. Hearing aids of all designs, including particularly discreet in-the-ear devices
  3. Free hearing tests and test wearing without any obligation
  4. Ideal networking solutions for all kinds of modern media; wireless connections to TV and mobile devices etc.
  5. Cleaning and maintenance of your hearing technology
  6. Hearing aid insurances
  7. Hearing protection for a wide range of requirements in job and leisure
  8. Care for CI wearers and other hearing implant patients, also in cooperation with the world’s leading CI clinic at the Hannover Medical University (MHH) and in cooperation with all manufacturers of implantable hearing solutions
  9. Pedacoustics – support for aurally handicapped children and their families
  10. High quality in advice and service including comparative adaptation and listening trainings as well as the best spatial and technical equipment
  11. Customization of hearing experiences with visible speech and surround routers as well as the latest audiological methods (Insitu measurement, percentile analysis and video otoscopy)
  12. Best possible knowledge and know-how, regular training and continuous further skill enhancement

2. Why should we hear and listen with a concept?

The way we hear is individual – like a fingerprint. Whether good or bad – in any situation we hear in a unique way.

Also the feelings that we experience through hearing can be different from one person to another.

Impressions that we get from hearing can captivate some people, leave others unimpressed or even annoy them.

This uniqueness must also be taken into account when it comes to compensating a hearing loss. – Can high or low tones still be heard? Which hearing situations are typical of the customer’s everyday life and what does she/ he desire to hear? How long has his/ her hearing been impaired? How can she/ he best get used to their new hearing? – Many aspects count when it comes to compensating a hearing loss optimally. Fast of-the-peg solutions are not very suitable. The decisive factor for success is rather a planned and professional approach – with a concept.

This is exactly what our institute stands for – We listen carefully and ask many questions before we start working with you on finding the best way to regain your hearing. We rely on audiological competence, our large experience, technical know-how, friendly service and modern technical equipment. In addition to that, we have an extensive portfolio of the latest hearing technology from all the leading manufacturers.

3. Our self-conception

Through our institute we wish to offer people from Münster and the surrounding area the highest competence in good hearing – suitable for all degrees of hearing impairment and for all ages.

We are not only provided with excellent know-how about hearing aid fitting and provision, but we also have prominent expertise in the field of hearing implants and pediatric acoustics.

In our institute, we provide you with the latest, innovative and audiologically useful medical devices. When it comes to consultation and service, we match ourselves only against the highest quality standards. This naturally includes the facts that we keep ourselves informed about the latest developments and trends in good time and that we continually upskill ourselves and improve our knowledge.

We do all of this to be able to offer you those solution for your hearing, that correspond to your requirements and needs optimally. And even after the fitting, we remain available for you at all times, because we consider ourselves as your long-term partner. As an owner-managed company based in Münster, we work passionately for your better hearing – and we put our heart and soul into it.

In addition to that, it is very important for us to inform you about the main topics related to hearing and to answer all the questions you may have. We generally wish to increase people’s common awareness of the importance of good hearing.

4. Doris Vercelli – Head of the HörConcept Institute

  • Master audiologist, paediatric audiologist and CI acoustician
  • While being trained: working in the first children’s hearing centre of the Co. GEERS
  • From 1992: significantly involved in the establishment of a hearing acoustics unit at Münster University (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität)
  • 5 years in the CI-team of the Department of Phoniatrics and Pedaudiology at Münster University
  • 8 years working as a product specialist for the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturer GN ReSound (formerly GN Danavox)
  • 10 years audiological director of a regional competence network for good hearing, at the same time establishing a hearing implant centre in close cooperation with the clinic of the Medical University in Hannover (MHH)
  • January 2017: Establishment of the Concept of Hearing Institute “Das HörConcept”

5. Hearing Implants

The HörConcept Institute is your competent and experienced contact also in the field of hearing implants.

We know all the implantable hearing products that are established on the market – Cochlea implant systems (CI), middle ear implants and bone-anchored hearing systems. And we have years of experience in aftercare for these solutions. We also maintain close contact with the German Hearing Center and the ENT clinic of the Hannover Medical University (MHH), the largest CI clinic in the world.

It is our aim to be a competent leader also in the field of hearing implants. We also see ourselves as a trustworthy partner for people from the region who have to live with a high-grade or deafness-related hearing impairment.

We are partners of the German hearing center and the ENT clinic and the Hannover Medical College (MHH)